‘The Brand: Fascinating Nigeria; Beckoning Beauty’ has been described as a tourism brand for the country by the  Ministry of Culture  and Tourism, Chief Edem Duke.

According to the Minister who disclosed this in a chat with the media last week , said the brand will be launched by President Goodluck Jonathan in July.

He noted that  the slogan: ‘Good People, Great Nation’ launched by Yaradua’s administration was for domestic re-engineering that has no global recognition.

He added that all over the world, Nigeria is known for its creative industry, and that, the cultural diversity of its people makes her the most fascinating country globally.

According to him, “People, culture and environment remain the first letter of recommendation before you even thinking of business activities.

“Yet we have the potential to be a big player, but then, we must be identified with a product. What is Nigeria unique selling point? And we say, we are a fascinating country and I think that is in all ramifications, if you see the endowment of our people, you will see that truly we are.

“This is the tourism brand identity, the Nigeria good people great nation, is a national effort for domestic re-engineering of national conscience, for inspiration within our country and of course an expression of the kind of people we are.

“For tourism, for our music, culture, people, history, and heritage Nigeria is now positioning itself as the most fascinating country, so this is not a competing initiative; no doubt we are good people, great nation. For economy and such power of projecting Nigeria, this is what we will be showing to the rest of the world.

“I am sure that if you go to a site fascinating Nigeria in a couple of days, you will see some extra ordinary things that will make each and every one of us proud. The issue of sustainability has been taken care off.

“Yes Nigeria may be of various political or religion callings, we may have other interests that will compete with one another, but when it come to the blood that flow in our veins, when it comes to the integrity of our country, the image of our country, Nigerians all over the world always stand firm and resolute, that is what we want to empower with this initiative”.

In her remarks, the newly appointed Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Mrs. Sally Mbanefo, said the new agenda of the NTDC was to create domestic tourism, which will attract foreign investors.

She commended the Minister for his effort towards the growth and development of the tourism sector in the country, adding that, Nigeria’s Tourism Identity would go a long way to project the country positively



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