Hotel Management

  • Interim Management
  • Headhunting
  • Training
  • Web Design
  • Business Plan
  • Hotel Classifications
Consultancy for the Tourism Sector

  • Destination Development and Marketing
  • Tourism product Creation and Marketing
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans
  • Tourism Master Plan and Policy Implementation
  • Tourism Blue Print and Action Plans
  • Staff and Professional Development

Hotel Management

We provide affordable and effective hotel management and consultancy services to hotel owners, developers, investors & operators. Our Hotel Consultants and Associates have extensive experience of the corporate and independent hotel sectors.

The personalised and individual service we provide will ensure that we quickly develop & implement strategies to suit your business resulting in increased revenue, profitability and capital appreciation

We objectively analyse hotel operation and provide fresh, clear and focused ideas or guide our clients through a new development.Our Hotel Management Services can include the entire management of the hotel or can be broken down into segments such as:

  • Business strategy appraisal
  • Hotel Management & Operations
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Operational efficiency
  • Competitor analysis
  • Distribution strategies
  • Hotel standards, Brand standard compliance
  • Purchasing procedures and opportunities to buy better
  • Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Overview of Hotel Management Team
  • Accounting procedures and control functions
  • Use of IT and opportunities for improvement
  • Overview of health and safety legislative compliance
  • Cost Analysis.
  • Mystery shopper
  • Training
  • Web design

Interim Management

There could be key moments in the life of your organisation where a resource with unique high-level specialization is the only catalyst to guarantee onward growth.

Our network of contacts guarantees you access to the professionals you need; specialist Managers experienced in resolving critical situations objectively, accountable and effectively


In your drive to engage with the best talent for sensitive or senior roles critical to your business growth, a different, more finely-tuned approach may bring you the optimum results

Our Headhunting service is a confidential resourcing solution designed to establish for you a line of contact with the rarely visible or highly-specialize profile, and allows you access to a sharply-defined pool of exceptional talent. 

Your organisation might want to consider this option:

  • For Senior-level strategically important profiles
  • For engaging with talent which your experience has shown to be especially difficult to find
  • When the search is highly confidential and bypasses normal internal channels
  • If the role demands anonymous engagement with key identified figures in your sector


Training is one of the most effective ways to improve guest service delivered by your employees

Web Designing

Your web site is a vital component of hotel marketing and communication; it needs to be top quality, even if you’re on mainstream booking sites.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a very effective way to measure the service delivered to your guests. It helps you to see whether your employees are adhering to company standards, and checks overall performance. Our mystery shoppers are specially trained, with many years of hotel experience.