Education is a deliberate and intentional attempt to improve human resources and make them better people. The history of tourism education as we know it now dates back around 50 years.

Human existence and daily activities, such as those involved in relaxation, tourism, and leisure pursuits, cannot be separated from education. There are relatively few research that try to determine how tourism education and education tourism are related (edu-tourism). Both pursuits are comparable to the point where individuals today travel to learn more about them to improve their quality of life.

Nonetheless, it has also been discovered that the concepts of tourism education and education for tourism are distinct. The best approach for tourist destinations to prepare their human resources for a career in the expanding tourism industries is through tourism education. Edu-Tourism, on the other hand, is a subset of tourism-related activities that places a strong emphasis on educational material to satisfy travellers’ requirements and desire to learn while they are away from home.

The study of tourism is now a popular science in higher education. At first, tourism education was taught in the form of a trade school, but as it developed, it was taught with a focus on more academic nuances. This indicates that the purpose of tourism education is to balance the need for tourism development with the wider goal of managing tourism.