It is predicted that travel and tourism will be one of the world’s highest growing sectors in the new century, Tourism Transport Summit and Expo is created to build strong Synergy between tourism and transport.

From conveying the tourist from origin to the destination, means of transport plays a vital role in providing accessibility within a certain destination (from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to a tourist attraction etc), and in the case of a multiple destination trip, to link the various destinations within the trip.

Tourism and Transport Connectivity are critical issues relating to bridging transport and tourism policies while reaffirming the need for developing programmes of inter-ministerial cooperation between bodies responsible for tourism and transport so as to improve and strengthen the basic conditions for the sustainable development of tourism. Tourism Transport Summit is created to deliberate on the complex relationship between transport provision and tourism in boosting the economy of both industries.

The Tourism Transportation Summit is created in several parts which consists of:

The Expo: A platform for operators in the aviation, road, railways, maritime, and those within the hospitality and tourism value chain to showcase their products and services to consumers, business membership organisations and to the regulatory

The Gala Night: A black tie, dinner wear, ball gown big party for all stakeholders, patrons, financial institutions and all those that patronise, or sell to the transport and tourism industries.

Tourism Transport Ambassadors Award: The Tourism Transport Ambassadors Award is established to recognize and foster excellence in the Nigerian tourism Transport.

The Tourism Transport Training: With the proposed Tourism Motor Transport Operators Training, participant will become a transportation specialist who has a thorough knowledge of important of tourism to the local and national economy, able to provide a wealth of tourism information and generate exceptional travel experiences to passengers

The Tourism Transport Summit: To make regulatory and enforcement agencies, national, state and local government to reappraise and have a better understanding of the importance of tourism to local, state and national economies, and the impact of tourism on community regeneration and employment generation.

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