• To create an interactive platform for the public, learners at high school level, students at tertiary institutions, parents, education and training providers and/or organisations, employer organisations and government in the tourism sector.

• The platform is meant to facilitate interaction between the above groups of people such that information and knowledge can be shared on available education and training opportunities as well as showcase available tourism professional opportunities and their worth in the Nigeria and global economy.


• To highlight initiatives in place to address the challenge of skills shortages in the tourism sector and the creation of a conducive environment for learning and professionalisation of the sector.
• To stimulate interest in the Industry.
• To reduce/eliminate any misconception about the Industry.
• To energise the industry, to stimulate demand.


• The 1st National Tourism Careers Expo will be supported by Ambassadors who provide inspiration for Nigerians of all ages, skills and experience, to be proactive about managing your life, learning and work.

Information, Advice and Guidance Counselors.