• Certified Travel Councillor (CTC)
  • Certified Corporate Travel Executice (CCTE)
  • Certified Travel Marketing Executive (CTME)
  • Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP)
  • Certified Tourism Practitioners (CTP)
  • Certified Airport Executive (CAE)
  • Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA)
  • Certified Tourism Executive (CTE)
  • Certified Tourism Corporate Executive (CTCE)
  • Certified Culinary Professional (CCP)                                              


Certified Tourism Professional

Certification programmes recognise competency at various career level. There   are three corresponding certification awards that recognises achievements at frontline and job entry occupations, supervisory positions with responsibilities for managing staff and management occupations.

They are designed to recognise excellence at various stages of career development: from school leavers searching for their first job to newly appointed staff aspiring for higher recognition and broader responsibilities, to experienced professionals advancing their skills and moving up specific career paths.

They are developed to assist individuals working in those industries to: 

  • Acquire and/or enhance professional-level industry-related education.
  • Receive recognition for their professional development activities, industry experience, and commitment to the tourism industry   
  • Develop a broader knowledge of the tourism industry, and of the resources available to assist them in the performance of their job responsibilities.
  • Develop a new network of professional contacts in the Nigeria tourism industry and beyond.

CTP certification is the tourism industry’s recognition of an individual’s ability to meet or exceed the occupation standard of knowledge, skills and attitude.


Individual recognition certificates can be achieved at various stages of career development. Depending on the occupation and level of experience

Recognition earned at one level provides credit towards the next.  All previously earned certifications can be credited toward the ultimateGold Certification which is the highest competence based professional  award.

Bronze Award

The Bronze designation is applicable to frontline employees or entry-level occupations where the primary role involves direct client, and front line services.  It is the recognition that an individual has mastered the knowledge requirements for the specific occupation.

Silver Award

The Silver Award applies to professional whose primary responsibility is to supervise other staff, often in a senior role in the organization. It is the supervisory level award

Gold Award

Applies to professionals who manage operations and deal with administrations. These professionals may also manage staff, but staff management is not their primary responsibility.